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Written in the Stars

When Gemma Sinclair was fourteen, she and her friends created a time capsule – filling it full of keepsakes and letters containing their hopes and dreams for the future.  Thirteen years later, Gemma stumbles upon the unopened box… Only, along with the crumbling packet of Lovehearts and a dog-eared photo of Jason Donovan, she finds their long lost friend Miranda’s uncannily accurate predictions of what fate had in store for them. Is it just a coincidence or could Miranda somehow see their destinies?  Gemma isn’t sure what to believe.  Having recently accepted her boyfriend Adam’s surprise proposal, she should be on top of the world.  But Miranda’s letter hits a nerve and doubts about the previously commitment-phobic Adam rise worryingly  to the surface.  Especially since Miranda’s letter also contains a warning for Gemma not to marry the first person who asks her…

‘Another wonderful story from the best selling author of Nine Months’  Mango Bookclub

‘a great premise, heart-warming characters and a plot that twists like Chubby Checker’  The Saturday Record