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Nine Months

It isn’t until her boyfriend Tom heads off for a year abroad that Holly realises just how much she’s going to miss him.  But Tom’s left her with rather more than a passionate memory of their last night together.  Holly’s clothes are getting tighter, she has a cleavage for the first time in her life, and the sickness she thought was down to the morning after the night before is lasting all day. Holly Piper is pregnant! Suddenly thrown into an alien world of antenatal classes, stretch marks and big knickers, Holly is relieved that at least she has the support of her two broody best friends.  But what of Tom?  Holly isn’t sure how she feels about him, let alone his feelings for her.  And she has no way of contacting him.  A year is a long time for him to be away.  But for Holly, the first nine months are going to be the hardest…  

‘Good fun’  The Bookseller  

‘This rings so true’  Pregnancy & Birth  

‘A delightful & entertaining read’  Families Online Editor’s Choice   

‘Kept me smiling right to the end’ Mango, Australia   

'Gripping stuff for the girls’ Wiltshire Times     

‘A riotous romp through the ups and downs of pregnancy’ Leics’ Mail